Infographic #3

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Infographic #3

Delft University of Technology and their 17 partners applied for a H2020 proposal; TWIGA. TWIGA is an acronym for Transforming Water, weather, and climate information through In situ observations for Geo-services in Africa. With the local farmer weather input, UAV scans and satellite data they create accurate weather data and prediction. With this prediction TWIGA helps farmers in Africa to prevent crop loss as the result of flooding and droughts.

I developed the lay-out, visuals and infographics within the report in close collaboration with a Professor and one of the partners. By the end of 2017 the proposal got accepted and the consortium receives 5 million euros funding from the H2020 Research & Innovation programme.

Company: TU Delft
Date: 2017
Assignment: Develop of visuals and infographic for Horizon 2020 proposal
Role: Visual Translation